Mythic Oil: natural oils and professional performance

What makes Mythic Oil different? These new formulae contain up to 10% active natural oils. This is a unique concentration: up to 50 times more than the amount in regular hair care products for high performance, customised nutrition without weighing the hair down. There are two core product groups specifically for thick hair and for normal to fine hair, plus products for all hair types. In total, the range features 11 natural oils.

Luxury: rich ingredients, exceptional care, exclusive salon techniques

Hairdressers and Beauty journalists internationally are reporting a surge in demand for luxury conditioning treatments in salons, like the exclusive Mythic Moments experiences. Designed to boost hair health and shine to the maximum, Mythic Moments are tailored to hair type and inspired by ancient beauty rituals. 

This appetite for luxury has been accompanied by a thirst for natural beauty products.

Natural ingredients: great, but do they really work?

Many premium ingredients of the Mythic Oil range are natural, yes, and this enhances rather than compromises their efficacy, particularly when they are partnered to complement one another within a product.

For instance, the Mythic Oil Crème Universelle multi-tasking blow-dry cream combines high concentrations of Almond oil and fairly traded Argan oil, resulting in a creamy balm that glides onto the hair. Almond oil is widely recognized for its soothing and softening properties. It penetrates the hair fiber to give emollience and a healthy shine. The precious Argan oil, extracted from the Moroccan Argan tree, has been legendary for its fabulous hair care properties for thousands of years. Enriched with Vitamin E, it is renowned for its deep nourishment and disciplinary properties.

Crème Universelle can be used in-shower before shampoo or as a conditioner, or as a pre-styling step for the dream blowout come true.

Argan oil in Mythic Oil products is fairly traded: we support the local communities that harvest it in Morocco and prioritize ethical management of the Argan forest to respect its biodiversity.

Legendary hair remedies for legendary hair beauty

Natural oils are the easiest and most luxurious ingredients to boost your hair’s condition. Every hair type deserves oils, and you will always find the right dose in our Mythic Oil products – in exquisite textures and bewitching fragrances. 

Mythic Oil builds on four thousand years of beauty history, on time-honored rituals and ingredients from the beauty sanctums of the East, from the hammams of Morocco to the traditions of ancient Egyptian queens. The precious oils and salon techniques have an intemporal DNA woven with fantasies, sensuality, and softness.

Mythic Moments: The Formula for Magnificence

The formulae of Mythic Oil’s core range have been developed to meet the demands of specific hair types. For thick hair, Huile Initiale is concentrated with 10% colza and safflower ingredients as part of a bi-phase pre-shampoo treatment that aims to tame unruly hair. The Omega 3 and 6-enriched oil is used in-salon to coat the hair before shampoo, penetrating the hair fibre, and leaving it deeply nourished, smooth, shiny and protected post-wash.

For normal to fine hair, Emulsion Ultrafine Detangler and Pre-Masque contains a 10% blend of avocado, jojoba, and osmanthus extract to be applied alone or with a Mythic Oil masque. The ultra-fine oil particles even the look of thin hair fibers to give them sublime fluidity, softness and hydration without weighing the hair down. 

The results: Luscious, voluptuous and magnetic hair. Want to know more? Ask your hairdresser, and connect to

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